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The kitchen is the heart of the home - invite magic into yours by exploring the practice of kitchen 'witchery'. Discover how to set your kitchen up with everything you’ll need to practice kitchen witchery and imbue your actions with intent, learn how to grow, store and use herbs for cooking, healing and more, practice magical techniques, and understand the goddesses and the importance of time.


This is a fun and social Workshop designed to add intention into, as well as connect with nature and energy within the daily activities in the home.


Key Learnings of the Workshop:

  • Setting up a Kitchen Altar

  • Cooking Superstitions and bringing high vibrational energy and intent into your cooking

  • What Ingredients represent for intentional cooking

  • Mindfulness in everyday home tasks

  • Dispelling negative energy in the home through cleaning

  • Growing and Drying Herbs, as well as preparing remedies

  • The Goddesses associated with the home

  • Seasonal Cooking and the Magic Behind it


This is both an educational and hands on workshop where you will create your own blended sage stick and herbal amulet to take home.


Event is mindfully and magically catered for.

Saturday 28th May, 11am - 1pm

South Canberra - Westfield Woden 


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