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The two not-so-nice 'C' words..

The two not-so-nice 'C' words. The ones that are contributing to shifting our home, health and life to a suffering state.

Clutter and Chaos. All I can say is - Yuck! Even the thought of these words give me an internal physical icky reaction. What is exciting about it though is it is something I KNOW I can clear and move through the cycle of clutter and chaos with ease and grace.

With autumn being a time for shedding, and winter a time for preparing for growth, it is ever so common for us to feel overwhelmed, to over-indulge, to over-work. It's part of the universal cycle. It is a time when the seeds are planted, get nurtured and work hard under the surface, get shaken up in order to grow. A time when the natural resources of the earth stand the test & stress of winter, to come out stronger and blooming in spring. As a beautiful part of this incredible universe, you too follow the cycle. The difference is, the earth's resources naturally follow this cycle and KNOW exactly what it is they have to do to not only survive, but more importantly to grow bigger and better. They never doubt their abilities or their existence.

When it gets to winter and the house is in organised chaos and clutter, it's often a time when our internal resources also shift causing us to feel edgy, frustrated, rushed, anxious, unhappy or even out of control. Take a look around you - does your house, office and sacred spaces match your feelings? I look around my home and see the stressful clutter. I know what it is I need to do and I'm excited! Time to unclutter baby - and it is GREAT for the soul!