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Anxiety, the master of disguise.

Before we get started, I’d like to make a point that I am no Clinical Psychologist, nor do I claim to be. This article is intended to provide complimentary tools to reduce stress in the body, mind and spirit.

So let’s chat. Anxiety. Let's talk about it for a minute. Anxiety isn’t a dirty word. It’s not something to be embarrassed or keep quiet about. It’s there and it’s real. Anxiety has its purpose in the biology. Unfortunately in our current world though, most mild daily anxiety isn’t triggered by what it was 'designed' for.

Designed for you ask? Well here’s the deal:

You live in the caveman era. You look for shelter, you search for food and you are on the lookout for your safety. A saber tooth tiger comes at you and your body instantly raises cortisol, your body tenses up, your heart races and your energy rises high. Your brain opens up to allow information about your surroundings in and you make a decision quickly. You choose either fight or flight. Your digestive system slows and even seizes  - your colon holds tight. Then you run. You run from the tiger. The rise of the adrenaline allows you to run like Usain Bolt and slow your digestive system - slow bowel movements means that it would be hard for the predator to track you.